Innovating for the emergence of new food systems


Our company is a pioneer in the construction of a new agro-industrial sector based on insect breeding. We use local resources to feed our insects and we recycle insect’s frass into organic fertilizer in a circular and zero waste approach.

This short-loop system makes it possible to produce a high quality protein in a sustainable way to support the growth of the aquaculture.




A deep expertise in insect breeding

InnovaFeed has developed a deep expertise in breeding Hermetia Illucens , an insect with an exceptional abitity to extract proteins from low-value plant co-products. This endemic, non-pathogenic and non-invasive European insect is one of the species authorised for breeding by the European Commission. 

Thanks to a leading-edge zootechnical research combined with a high-performance industrial model, InnovaFeed has set up a virtuous production system that perfectly meets the needs of this species and offer products of high nutritional quality.


Animal Welfare commitments 

InnovaFeed places a lot of importance on animal welfare.

Through our commitments, we ensure the 5 fundamental freedoms of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC, 2009)..

Respecting the well-being of our insects is based on three main principles:

  • Recreate environmental conditions that mimic the natural environment of our insects throughout their life cycle 

  • Take care of the health and physical integrity of our insects by offering them an adapted diet (100% plant-based food) and protecting them from disease and injury 

  • Limit stress factors on our insects by reducing human interactions and adopting methods that minimize the potential for suffering