Discover some of our activities at InnovaFeed

At InnovaFeed, over a hundred talents from all horizons work daily to build a more sustainable food system. Discover some of our jobs in pictures!

Industrial project manager

Victor and Xavier are industrial project managers at InnovaFeed. As part of the industrialization division, they are responsible for the construction of our new production sites and the implementation of transformation processes.

After graduating from a BE of Eng at the School of Arts et Métiers (Paris), Xavier has worked as an industrial engineer in the agri-food and energy industries prior to joining InnovaFeed. After graduating from a BE of Eng at of AgroParisTech (Paris), Victor began his career at Suez, working on water management projects  prior to joining InnovaFeed.

Research and development project manager

After a engineering’s degree at AgroParisTech (Paris), Alexandra worked on her PhD thesis: “When taste is not a predicator of food quality: starch detection and caffeine aversion in Drosophilia melanogaster”.

Passionate about insects, Alexandra also completed a postdoctoral contract before joining InnovaFeed to work on Hermetia illucens R&D.

Marketing and Biz Dev project manager

Maye is a graduate of Centrale Paris and the University of Queensland. After working for McKinsey for 4 years, she joined InnovaFeed in 2017. Maye is responsible for the execution of InnovaFeed’s marketing and sales strategy: she is in charge of developing our existing commercial partnerships and seeking new applications for our products.