The combination of three pioneering expertises for high-quality, sustainable and high-performance products

Cutting-edge R&D

Research & Development is at the heart of Innovafeed’s model with more than €10M invested over the last four years and more than a hundred tests conducted in research stations or in real conditions to push back the frontiers of scientific knowledge of the insect and guarantee a unique and competitive nutritional quality of the product.

  • Cutting-edge zootechnical research to understand the life cycle of the insect Hermetia Illucens and to develop breakthrough technology needed to reproduce this natural cycle in farms.
  • Optimization of the substrate to feed the larvae: more than 100 types of co-products evaluated and 200 recipes tested in order to design the substrate that today perfectly meets the nutritional needs of the larvae at each stage of development.
  • Product development with leading experts (Nofima, Cargill, Imaqua…) to demonstrate and optimize the performance of our products in animal and plant nutrition.

Proprietary breakthrough technology

Innovafeed’s unique technology makes it possible to reproduce the natural cycle of the insect on a large scale under controlled and optimized conditions:

  • 3,000 sensors allow to optimize at any time the breeding conditions of larvae.
  • The use of artificial intelligence allows to limit human intervention in the breeding process: robots automatically collect and count the 20,000 eggs laid every second. Innovafeed thus intends to put the insect back at the heart of the food chain.

Finally, Innovafeed has developed an innovative and proprietary industrial tool to transform larvae through a wet process allowing to guarantee the best quality of our products in particular in terms of digestibility.

Sustainability as a competitive argument

Innovafeed has developed a model of co-location of its factories – called industrial symbiosis – allowing it to valorize local agricultural by-products to feed its larvae, and the fatal energy of its neighbors to heat its farm.

By considering sustainability as an input in the design of its factories, Innovafeed has thus made it a competitive argument enabling to offer premium and sustainable ingredients for all.

The environmental performance of Innovafeed’s model has been quantitatively demonstrated by a Life Cycle Analysis from the independent firm Quantis, showing that this model allows to save 57,000 tons of CO2 each year.


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