Insect fertilizer reinventing soil and plant nutrition

Our soils are one of our most precious yet underestimated resources. We rely on them:

  • For food and water: UN estimate that 95% of our food stems from them;
  • To preserve our ecosystems: GIS Sol estimates that 1/4 of the world biodiversity resides within our soils;
  • To fight against climate change: GIEC estimates that 1,500 billion tons of organic carbon are stored into our soils, i.e. 2 to 3 times more than in the atmosphere.

Preserving them while ensuring sufficient productivity to feed the growing world population is a challenge we need to tackle. Organic fertilizers such as frass – insects droppings – can be part of the solution, boosting both soil agronomic performance and microbial activities.

A natural organic fertilizer

Innovafeed has developed a natural and fully transparent organic fertilizer for use on conventional and organic crops. Innovafeed’s fertilizer is a by-product of its insect farm that:

  • Is mostly based on insect droppings from Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) fed with a 100% vegetable and guaranteed GMO-free substrate,
  • Shows a well-balanced nutrient profile (N-P-K of 3-4-3), making it suitable for all crops (viticulture, cereals, arboriculture, vegetables),
  • Has a high dry matter content (90%) and is rich in organic matter (>75%),
  • Exhibits a low environmental impact compared to other organic fertilizers on the market (-45% lower CO2eq emissions than poultry manure, LCA Quantis 2023).

Our insect frass can be used in organic farming, in compliance with EC 834/2007 regulation, and is granted registrations by national authorities.

Proven agronomic performance

Since 2016, Innovafeed has partnered with leading experts, including Hello Nature and Tereos, to develop the highest performing insect fertilizer, demonstrating its efficiency both at the laboratory and field scales.

Trials show 10% higher yield on wheat crops and 15% higher yield on beet crops, and promising results on vineyard.

The ability to regenerate soils

Innovafeed’s organic fertilizer contains more than 75% organic matter that contributes to regenerate soils and increase fertility on the long run.

When added to the soil, high concentration in organic matter is known to:

  • enhance the progressive release and uptake of nutrients,
  • stimulate natural processes and soil microbiome activities,
  • improve soil structure and water retention to reduce nutrient leaching.

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