Unlocking the power of Hermetia illucens for animal and plant nutrition

The Hilucia™ product range represents the convergence of the natural upcycling power of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) larvae with the cutting-edge production technology of Innovafeed to produce the highest quality ingredients for animal and plant nutrition with the lowest environmental footprint.

An exceptional source of nutrients

Hermetia illucens larvae transform low-grade plant-based feedstocks into premium and functional ingredients with an unparalleled efficiency: they use as little as 1,5kg of dry feed to produce 1kg of body mass within 15 days.

Innovafeed’s unique technology

We are a science-based organization that is focused on the continuous improvement of our products, with no less than 50 collaborators working in R&D. We have created a signature production process which further unlocks the natural productivity of Hermetia illucens larvae called “industrial symbiosis”. Our facilities are co-located and connected via pipelines with the suppliers of our two key inputs of feedstock and energy, thus minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing our output.

Low environmental footprint

Our ingredients are produced in a way that minimizes their environmental impact. Verified via a published Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Hilucia™ ingredients have been proven to have at least 50% lower carbon emissions compared to the most commonly used plant and animal-based proteins, oils, and fertilizers on the market.

Nutritious ingredients

Our products intend to deliver a nutritional boost to existing ingredients by putting insects back into their natural role within the food system. We are engaged with our partners to demonstrate this performance at commercial scale across the markets we serve.

Hilucia™ ingredients are designed for 4 markets:

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