To contribute to the emergence of sustainable food systems be developing a pioneering and innovative industry

Through the development of its technology and products, Innovafeed intends to contribute directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Insect: a new source of protein to feed tomorrow’s world

A circular and zero-waste value chain to upcycle 300 000T of agricultural by-products per year

Each year in our plant, 57 000T of CO2 are saved


1T of fish fed with insects represents 250kg of forage fish preserved


1T of poultry fed with insects represents 210m² of arable lands spared


A natural and sustainable solution to feed tomorrow’s world

Producing more and producing better is one of the key challenges for the decades to come in order to be able to feed a world population estimated at more than 10 billion people in 2050.

Insects are recognized as one of the most promising solutions to meet this requirement, in particular the use of insects for animal and plant nutrition.

  • Give back the insect its natural role in food chains
  • Improve the quality of our farms and our food
  • Preserve our ressources
Nourrir le monde de demain ©Innovafeed

An innovative and sustainable agricultural value chain

The insect is at the heart of a new zero-waste, circular agricultural value chain that creates sustainable jobs.

  • Zero-waste as all parts of the insect is valorized: insect oil for poultry and swine nutrition, insect protein for aquaculture nutrition, and frass (meaning the insect manure) as an organic fertilizer
  • Circular as the insect makes it possible to valorize agricultural by-products from which it extracts the essential nutrients for animal and plant nutrition; and the fertilizer closing the nitrogen loop
  • Job creator: Innovafeed created more than 600 direct and indirect jobs, and by promoting local by-products, Innovafeed strengthens the competitiveness of existing value chains

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