The largest production capacity of the insect industry globally

Two sites operating in 2020, ten more planned by 2030.

Innovafeed is currently in the midst of an acceleration phase having demonstrated the scalability of its model with the opening of its Nesle site in November 2020, just 18 months after the foundation stone was laid.

Nesle, the largest active insect production site in the world

This production unit opened in Nesle in November 2020 is co-located with Tereos (starch manufacturer) and Kogeban (biomass plant), a unique example of industrial collaboration.

It will enable Innovafeed to acquire a supply of quality raw materials and, for Tereos, to locally valorize its co-products while limiting the energy needs associated with their processing.

The co-location with Kogeban enables Innovafeed to harness its waste energy.

The Innovafeed co-location project will save 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Innovafeed French Site in Nesle ©Innovafeed
Innovafeed’s Research Center Gouzeaucourt 2 ©Innovafeed

Gouzeaucourt, the pilot site in North of France

The first Innovafeed plant was inaugurated in October 2017 in Gouzeaucourt, North of France, within the largest European deposit of agricultural and agri-food by-products.

This production unit, which valorizes local agricultural by-products for insect rearing, has allowed the validation of our model and the deployment of our production capacity to start marketing our products.

Our production site is GMP+ certified to ensure the best tracability.

Decatur, the next production site of Innovafeed in the US

Building on the experience acquired in France Innovafeed will replicate, through its partnership with ADM, this unique industrial symbiosis model in the United States on the Decatur site – the largest corn processing site in the world.

ADM Decatur’s corn-based co-products will be locally recycled to feed insects through connected infrastructure between the two sites. This production model will also allow Innovafeed to use 27MW of residual energy recovered from the ADM process, energy that was not previously valorized.

Discover our site in Nesle

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