A disruptive and proprietary technology to reproduce the natural life cycle of insects

Thanks to a unique technology, allied to an efficient industrial model, Innovafeed has set up a virtuous production system making it possible to produce high performance nutrients on a competitive scale, while respecting the natural life cycle of insects.

A technological challenge met thanks to the combination of a breakthrough innovation, the best existing technologies and a proprietary real-time data analysis system.

A vertical farm model entirely automated

Innovafeed has developed a unique technology to reproduce on a large scale the life cycle of the insect Hermetia Illucens. Our vertical farm covers 25,000m² and combines several floors to reach more than 12m in height.

On this fully automated production site, more than 20,000 eggs are collected per second, without human intervention. Automatic larval counting relies on artificial intelligence and optical recognition for large-scale manipulation of microscopic larvae.

A data architecture to optimize ambient conditions at all times

Innovafeed has deployed more than 3,000 sensors specific to insect rearing at the Nesle site in order to measure, control and optimize ambient parameters such as temperature and humidity at all times. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system has been redesigned and optimized using dynamic fluid modeling (CFD) for this purpose.

Finally, thanks to an integrated and proprietary data architecture, this data is constantly analyzed through more than 60 monitoring interfaces, to optimize rearing conditions and ensure the best growth of our insects.

A low temperature transformation process for high quality products

Innovafeed was supported by the best experts for the implementation of a reference processing line in the agri-food sector.

In particular, a wet transformation process has been implemented and optimized to ensure the highest quality of our nutrients, better yields and a reduction in our energy consumption.

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