Insect oil is an ideal source of fatty acids for pigs and poultry

Black soldier flies raised by Innovafeed are a natural source of fatty acids for poultry and pigs. They provide essential nutrients to support their health and growth, while minimizing the environmental impact of animal feed.

A high-performance source of nutrients

Research station and commercial-scale trials demonstrate that Innovafeed insect oil is a high-performance source of fatty acids for pigs and poultry.

Insect oil from the black soldier fly is highly digestible, rich in fatty acids – notably lauric acid, enabling farmers to maximize animal welfare and livestock productivity.

Innovafeed insect oil is rich in lauric acid, known for its role in modulating intestinal microbial flora.

A sustainable source of nutrients

In addition to stimulating health and growth, insect oil is a planet-friendly alternative to vegetable oils (soy, palm, copra, corn). It emits little CO2 and is produced with no impact on deforestation.

Insect oil benefits from a double effect demonstrated by a recent Life Cycle Assessment carried out by expert consultants Quantis: a low carbon footprint and a positive impact on biodiversity.

A natural source of nutrients

Pigs and poultry naturally feed on insects in their natural habitat. By putting insects back at the heart of food chains, we enable them to play their role as natural recyclers.

Moreover, Innovafeed’s insect oil is obtained using an innovative and exclusive mechanical process that requires no solvents and guarantees complete separation of the protein. As a result, Innovafeed insect oil is authorized for use in all types of animal feed formulations, as stipulated by European regulations.


June 2020: Innovafeed launches the world's first insect oil-fed chicken value chain

This world premiere results from the close collaboration of an entire value chain from farm to fork brought together by Innovafeed. Players combined their know-how and expertise to provide consumers with a natural and sustainable poultry for which 100% of soybean oil present in their diet was replaced by insect oil.

The approach was explained to the consumers thanks to a dedicated marketing and labeling. Sales team in Auchan supermarkets were also specifically trained and received positive feedback from consumers curious to learn more about this initiative.

Feed formulator and farmer Nealia outlined that the replacement of soybean oil by Innovafeed’s insect oil had a positive impact on poultry growth, health and welfare.

Following the launch of this pioneering value chain, ODG Malvoisine filed a request to include insect oil within Label Rouge poultry specifications.

In December 2020, Innovafeed announced the launch of another world premiere thanks to a partnership with Le Porcilin to commercialise swine fed with Innovafeed’s insect oil in January 2021.

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