Animal welfare at Innovafeed

Innovafeed attaches great importance to animal welfare.

Through our commitments, we ensure to apply the 5 fundamental freedoms of Brambell as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC, 2009).
The respect of the well-being of our insects is based on three main principles:
  • Recreate environmental conditions that mimic the natural environment of our insects throughout their life cycle
  • Take care of the health and integrity of our insects by offering them an adapted diet (100% vegetable feed) and by protecting them from diseases and injuries
  • Limit the stress factors for our insects by reducing human interactions and adopting methods that minimize the potential for suffering

Ethics at Innovafeed

Innovafeed formalized the values that guide its activities and each of its collaborator’s projects in an Ethics Charter.

Innovafeed’s key values are pioneering spirit, caring, excellence and positive impact. They translate into a strong ethical commitment, including respect for human rights, environmental protection, building a healthy and inclusive organization and professional integrity.

Innovafeed intends to uphold and promote these values, especially with its partners, suppliers and customers, through this Ethics Charter.


Scale, Competitiveness, and Impact are our North Star

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