Our Impact Governance

Innovafeed’s Impact governance is driven by two teams, one made up of internal team members and the other made up of external experts and Innovafeed leaders.

The external Impact Committee is made up of 10 members to guide and drive positive impact within Innovafeed’s spheres of influence, capitalizing on the knowledge and networks of our external committee members representing our investors, customers, and ecosystem stakeholders. The purpose of the committee is to align business and operating models with our vision and mission and to ensure decisions are purpose-led and transparent. The Chair of the Impact Committee reports yearly to Innovafeed’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may challenge the Impact Committee’s decisions.

The internal team, called Impact Sponsors, translates the company’s Impact strategy and roadmap into definitive action. This team drives, tracks, and reports progress of our impact initiatives against the roadmap validated by the Impact Committee. This team is made up of representatives from each functional area within the company to ensure expertise and knowledge is appropriately leveraged.

Role of the impact Committee:

  • Challenge and validate Innovafeed’s IMPACT STRATEGY
  • Monitor and report on Innovafeed’s IMPACT PERFORMANCE
  • Boost Innovafeed’s IMPACT EXPERTISE & OUTREACH

Role of the Impact Sponsors Team:

  • Ensure the EXPERTISE from different functions is leveraged to deliver on our impact
  • Facilitate coordination and MAINTAIN A BUSINESS ORIENTED VISION of our impact
  • Define impact STRATEGY & ROADMAP
  • Tracks & reports IMPACT PERFORMANCE

Scale, Competitiveness, and Impact are our North Star

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