One year after obtaining the B Corp™ certification, Innovafeed publishes its first Impact Report and reaffirms its leading role in the transition to sustainable agri-food solutions.

Paris, January 26, 2024 – Innovafeed, a leader in sustainable insect-based (Hermetia illucens) ingredient production for animal and plant nutrition, is pleased to announce the publication of its first Impact Report. One year after receiving the B CorpTM Label, and following the establishment of its Impact Committee chaired by Dr. Darian McBain, Innovafeed is thus publishing its commitment and strategy to using its “Tech for Impact” model to develop new agri-food solutions that also address crucial challenges the global community faces:
Climate Change, Biodiversity, Food Security, and Local Socio-Economic Impact.


While the agro-industry accounts for approximately one-third of global carbon emissions, Innovafeed is guided by an Impact strategy to build the sustainable food system of the future. Since its inception, Innovafeed’s teams have developed a technology platform centered around insects to restore their natural role as recyclers. This first report structures a commitment to a circular, sustainable, and waste-free agri-food chain, addressing challenges and opportunities on a global scale.
Innovafeed’s mission revolves around the four cardinal points of its Impact Compass:

1.Climate: 80% less carbon emissions thanks to synergies generated by its industrial symbiosis model

Explore this unique and already operational model at the Nesle site, which is currently one of the largest industrial vertical farms in the world (with a capacity of 100,000 tons of final products per year by 2025).

2.Biodiversity: A goal of preserving 60,000 tons of forage fish by 2030

Discover how Innovafeed’s insect-based ingredient production contributes to maximizing positive impacts on biodiversity, particularly by limiting the fishing of forage fish for aquaculture and reducing the agricultural land area utilized for animal and fish feed ingredient production.

3.Food Security: An innovative and sustainable insect industry to meet a 40% increase in protein demand by 2030

Understand how Innovafeed’s innovative approach constitutes a concrete response to the rising demand for protein in a context where 90% of wild fish stocks are already fished at their maximum capacity. Also, learn how Innovafeed encourages circularity in the food supply chain to avoid the loss of recyclable agricultural by-products.

4.Local Socio-Economic Impact: 220 jobs created in the heart of Hauts-de-France

Measure how Innovafeed’s green reindustrialization contributes to the professional development of its employees and the revitalization of territories with an immediate creation of Innovative, lasting jobs.

Beyond the results achieved on each of the four cardinal points of our Impact Compass, the report also addresses other dimensions of Innovafeed’s sustainability journey. Under the section titled “Another Path to Impact,” the reader will discover progress in environmental, social, and governance initiatives, all aimed at creating a safe working environment and involving every Innovafeed team member in a transformative mission.

Impact is at the heart of Innovafeed’s creation and involves each member of our team.
Eager to have a positive impact on the food system of tomorrow, we are proud to share the
progress made thus far and the strategy we have defined to achieve the key dimensions of
our Impact mission. I thank all the Innovafeed teams for their talent, passion, and dedication
in building a new innovative industry and the future green reindustrialization

said Clément Ray, CEO of Innovafeed.

Having a positive impact on the food system of tomorrow requires collective mobilization to
which Innovafeed contributes. Through the Impact Committee, we are committed to fostering
exchanges far beyond the company to co-create an Impact roadmap that can create new
opportunities for the global agro-industry. The road is long, and the challenges are
numerous, but I have full confidence in everyone’s commitment to achieving it

added Darian McBain, Chair of the Impact Committee.

This first Impact Report discloses Innovafeed’s commitment to bringing sustainable agri-food
solutions to the market by offering valuable insights into Innovafeed’s strategies to deliver
positive change. This first Impact Report encompasses Innovafeed’s holistic Impact Strategy
and the company plans to publish subsequent yearly reports with specific focus on the
progress of each of the four cardinals of its Impact Compass.

About Innovafeed

Innovafeed is a global biotechnology company and a leader in insect (Hermetia Illucens – black soldier fly) production for animal and plant nutrition, founded in 2016 by three co-founders: Aude Guo, Bastien Oggeri, and Clément Ray, all driven by the ambition to find innovative and disruptive solutions to challenges posed by the global food system. It develops disruptive technologies replicating natural processes on an industrial scale. By building a circular and zero-waste agri-food chain that replicates the natural role of insects, Innovafeed reinvents our way of life with increased quality, sustainability, and resilience for all. Its wide range of products includes insect proteins for aquaculture; insect oil for pigs and poultry; and 100% natural fertilizer from insect excrement. Innovafeed also offers its proteins and oil for animal feed. Innovafeed has more than 350 pragmatic dreamers for whom performance and positive impact must go hand in hand to shape the world we will leave to future generations.

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