Italpollina and InnovaFeed partner for the commercialisation of insects fertilizers and bio stimulants

InnovaFeed and Italpollina announce a strategic partnership to develop and commercialise organic fertilizers and biostimulants, from insect ingredients. This partnership will combine an ambitious joint R&D program, and the launch of a novel and 100% natural fertilizer, jointly developed from insect frass sustainably produced by InnovaFeed at its Nesle plant (Somme, France) and future sites

Through this partnership, InnovaFeed – a leading French insect producer – and Italpollina – a leading Italian producer of organic fertilizers, biostimulants and micro-organisms – are joining forces to bring disruptive innovative solutions to farmers and to improve plant nutrition.


Thanks to its unique circular model, InnovaFeed repurposes co-products of local agro-industries, into a high value source of feed for their insect larvae. These larvae are then harvested to produce innovative ingredients for farming, and their dejections used to produce a high-quality organic fertilizer with perfect properties for plant nutrition.

This new solution, available and marketed from the second half of 2020, stands out for its high nutrient value, stable organic matter, and its excellent balance of essential primary elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) – making it a great solution to revitalize agricultural lands and boost plant growth. Performance has been validated across major crop groups (cereals and vegetables) through large-scale testing with major players, showing better growth and a better yield of agricultural productions.

« This partnership with Italpollina is a new stepping stone towards the global implementation of our model at a very large scale. With our solutions, farmers now have a high-quality organic fertilizer, combining performance and an ecological ethos » says Clément Ray, InnovaFeed chairman and co-founder.

« Italpollina is always seeking innovative solutions such as InnovaFeed to answer today and tomorrow’s farmers needs and at the same time fully respect nature and human health to build a more sustainable future. Furthermore, research shows the potential of those products in tomorrow’s vegetal nutrition. This new source ideally complements our offer that already includes chicken manure, vegetal proteins and beneficial microbials» states Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina.


This partnership is a very ambitious collaboration between two European companies, leaders in their own industry, which share the same ethical values and aim to have a systemic impact on food production systems. Together Italpollina and InnovaFeed want to develop a more modern and more sustainable agriculture, driven by their common visions on circular economy, responsible purchasing and industrial symbiosis.

This partnership also comes at an opportune time, with both companies excited at the prospect of expanding their respective activities to the US.

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