Hauts-de-France sector: Porcilin, the pig from Hauts-de-France, fed with insect oil produced in the Somme

Since August 2020, 25% of the pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Nord Pas De Calais by Le Porcilin – a group of 15 breeders in the Hauts-de-France region – have been receiving a feed enriched with insect oil. This natural and sustainable ingredient, produced locally by Innovafeed – the world leader in insect breeding based in the Hauts-de-France – is a virtuous alternative to vegetable oils

Les premiers porcs à l’alimentation enrichie en huile d’insecte seront commercialisés en exclusivité dans les hypermarchés Auchan des Hauts-de-France à partir du mois de janvier 2021, répondant à la demande croissante des consommateurs d’aliments issus de filières locales et durables.


Produced exclusively by families in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, all of Le Porcilin’s production benefits from the Viande de Porc Française designation and the Saveurs en’Or label, which promotes its quality products from regional agriculture and processed by companies in the region, generating local employment. Porcilin represents 35 direct jobs and more than 400 indirect jobs in Hauts-de-France. By choosing Innovafeed to improve the formulation of its pig feed, Le Porcilin is pursuing its approach in favour of local value-creating industries and the revitalisation of the Hauts de France region.

Historically established in Picardy in Gouzeaucourt (59) and Nesle (60), Innovafeed has based its production model on the use of local agricultural by-products to feed its insect larvae, making it possible to offer new outlets for the region’s agricultural sectors and to create 110 jobs that cannot be relocated. It is therefore quite natural that these two actors have joined forces to strengthen and perpetuate local, rational and value-creating industries in our regions.

“This approach with Innovafeed will allow us to promote the quality of our products to consumers and to perpetuate a regional sector with high added value. It is a first step towards an objective of increasing volumes from the second quarter of 2021”, says Ghislain Lelong, President of the association Le Porcilin.


All animals raised by Le Porcilin are fed a quality diet rich in cereals and linseed throughout their growth. Innovafeed insect oil will be added to or substituted for the rapeseed oil already present in their feed. The agreement will initially involve a family farm of 800 pigs in the group.

Naturally present in the feed of pigs in the wild, insect oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid that improves intestinal health in animals, particularly post-weaning piglets. Trials have also shown an increase in welfare as evidenced by calmer animals. With a CO2 impact and use of arable land 80% lower than the vegetable oils generally present in pig feed, insect oil represents a sustainable alternative for the future to better feed animals and humans.

« After trout and poultry, we are proud to support Le Porcilin, a local industry that creates value for farmers. 25% of the pigs in the Le Porcilin group are now fed with Innovafeed insect oil, allowing consumers to enjoy pork from a sustainable farm that guarantees the well-being of the pigs while supporting our regional industries and employment »

says Chloé Phan Van Phi, Innovafeed’s industry director.

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