Cargill & InnovaFeed expand their partnership for sustainable feed beyond aquaculture

Innovafeed vertical insect farm ©Innovafeed

Expanded partnership represents major step towards more sustainable animal nutrition industry Cargill and InnovaFeed have extended their strategic partnership through a commercial contract to bring sustainable, novel feed options to additional segments of the animal nutrition industry. While their initial collaboration focused on aqua-nutrition, the expanded partnership will include more species, starting with the use […]

InnovaFeed achieves Naturland certification, paving the way for insect ingredients to accelerate the growth of organic farming in Europe

While European Organic Farming is currently struggling to meet consumers demand with up to 33% of organic products sold in France that are imported (source: Agence Bio), InnovaFeed’s Naturland certification demonstrates the potential of insects to accelerate the growth of organic farming, adding new performant and sustainable ingredients for organic farming. A premiere that lays […]

World Premiere: first insect-fed chicken available in French supermarkets

Insect farming has recently gained significant attention as insects continue to broaden our understanding of natural and sustainable animal feed. Thanks to the ambition of a whole industry, a new landmark has been achieved: For the first time, consumers can eat chicken whose diets were enriched with insect oil This is an exciting breakthrough as […]

Industrial Symbiosis: InnovaFeed to recover waste energy from Kogeban

By the end of 2020, InnovaFeed will start production in Nesle of the largest insect breeding unit in the world. This new generation plant will be organised in industrial symbiosis with existing local players, such as the biomass cogeneration plant operated by Kogeban. A virtuous strategic partnership allowing (i) Kogeban to optimise its thermodynamic efficiency […]

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