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Trophées des licornes (4ème édition): OpenClassrooms et InnovaFeed, nos futurs champions

29 septembre 2021

Leaders in insect farming have the future of aquaculture and the environment in mind

26 juillet 2021

InnovaFeed winner of the Tech For Good awards

3 juin 2021

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Protix congratulates colleague BSF producer @Innova_feed . Earlier this month they announced a raise of 250M EUR in a new financing round.
✋ A high five for the BSF!
➡Black Soldier Fly for a Bright Sustainable Future.

Thank you to @M6Groupe for aiming the spotlight at the insect industry and the black soldier fly.
👉To watch today's report, it is here (17mn21)

Innovafeed boosted by $250 million in funding. The new fund will increase its production capacity in France, expand to Asia and North America and develop new products. @Innova_feed #aquafeed 👇

Beau succès de l’agritech française @Innova_feed, un des leaders des protéines à base d’insectes, qui réalise une levée de 250 M EUR conduite par la Qatar Investment Authority 🚀
Pour en savoir plus, c'est ici : https://www.tresor.economie.gouv.fr/Articles/2022/09/23/proteines-a-base-d-insectes-le-fonds-souverain-qatarien-mene-la-levee-de-250-millions-d-euros-de-la-jeune-pousse-francaise-innovafeed

La nouvelle édition de 'People of CentraleSupélec' est en ligne ! https://bit.ly/3UK18bs avec : @Damian_Py_Off,@JeanMarc_Nasr,@areinaud,@Pbenquet,@SebastienJean_,@KarajEleissa-@centralesupelec-@inceptomedical-@Innova_feed-@NetZero-@AcorusInfo-@seedup_io-@LeCnam-@CNP_Assurances

- @Innova_feed announced it has raised US$250 million in Series D funding. This round also includes several existing and investors, including global agribusiness leaders ADM and @Cargill

To read:👉 https://bit.ly/3dAyeKe

@ADMupdates #insects #insectprotein #animalnutrition

.@Innova_feed - a French co with global ambitions in #edibleinsect - has raised $250m in a series D round backed by @ADMupdates & @Cargill and will break ground on a large-scale production facility to farm black soldier flies in Decatur, IL this year https://tinyurl.com/4yd7kbt7

#MaddyMoney 💸
👉 Cette semaine, 25 opérations ont permis aux #entreprises innovantes françaises de lever près d'1 milliard d'euros.

🏆 @Innova_Feed arrive en première place !

[Levée de fonds de la semaine] @Innova_feed boucle une Serie D de 250M€ pour continuer son développement international dans la culture d'insecte à destination de l'alimentation animale, et continue la R&D sur l'alimentation humaine 🦟

Insect producer @Innova_feed has announced it has raised $250 million in a Series D funding round that included investment from @ADMupdates and @Cargill.