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Trophées des licornes (4ème édition): OpenClassrooms et InnovaFeed, nos futurs champions

29 septembre 2021

Leaders in insect farming have the future of aquaculture and the environment in mind

26 juillet 2021

InnovaFeed winner of the Tech For Good awards

3 juin 2021

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This week was the British #PigandPoultryFair! We were happy to have insightful discussions on the potential benefits of insect products in pigs and poultry including positive impacts for the environment and health.
We would like to thank @CargillAnimal!

We have transgressed the 6th planetary boundary (water cycle). "This is (…) a threat to life support systems on Earth" J.Rockström, Potsdam institute director. We are more than ever convinced of the importance of our project to feed tomorrow's world. https://pik-potsdam.de/en/news/latest-news/planetary-boundaries-update-freshwater-boundary-exceeds-safe-limits

While fertilization represents up to 30% of the entire food value chain GHG emissions, insect frass represents a unique scalable solution to develop sustainable fertilisation given its: (1/3) #BioAgWorldCongress #Fertilization #positiveimpact

It's #EarthDay!
At Innovafeed we develop innovative solutions from natural resources and observation of nature to create sustainable and resilient solutions.
#InvestInOurPlanet #SaveThePlanet

Today, let's celebrate #InternationalDigitalWomensDay. Now more than ever, we want to remain an inclusive
company and disrupt the norm. #IDWD2022

Clément Ray was the guest of Business Positif🎙️. Our conviction: building a more #sustainable #food system by reducing its #carbon impact & impact on biodiversity. How? By feeding tomorrow’s world in a sustainable way through insects rearing🪰

Ce matin on parlait d’entreprise et d’ #impact avec @XAngeVC et @wearesista chez @Skelloapp avec @Loydeborah @doctolib et @Innova_feed Un échange très intéressant ! #entrepreneuriat

Our co-founder Aude Guo joined the @XAngeVC and @wearesista teams today for a panel discussion. An opportunity to understand how impact funds work and how they can really measure their societal and environmental impact.
#SISTA #WomenInBusiness #Investment


C’est parti ! On lance notre table ronde sur l’investissement à #impact avec @wearesista dans les superbes bureaux de @Skelloapp 🤩 2