Natural and sustainable solution to feed the world

InnovaFeed is a biotech company producing high quality insect meals for the feed industry

InnovaFeed is a biotech company that produces a new source of protein from insect rearing (Hermetia illucens) for animal feed, more specifically for aquaculture. With an annual growth of around 10%, fish farming is one of the most dynamic sectors in the food industry. The sector’s growth drives an increasing demand for fish feed containing high-quality protein.

Currently, the protein intake in the diet of farmed fish comes mainly from wild fish meal and soy meal, both of which present limitations. Wild fish meal is becoming less and less available because of decreasing wild fish populations worldwide and soy meal has limited nutritional value as fish feed. InnovaFeeds’ innovating insect rearing process is deployed on an industrial scale to address the strain on natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way.

We contribute to the growth of a high-quality fish farming sector by providing a new source of sustainable and natural protein at a competitive price. InnovaFeed’s insect rearing process also produces insect oil rich in lauric acid and an organic amendment. Equipped with the largest production capacity in the market and expertise at the forefront of biotech research, our model is supported by many key actors in the scientific, political and financial fields.

Insects: pillars of tomorrow’s food industry

Social responsibility

The global population increase combined with changing eating habits in emerging countries cause a global shortage in high quality protein. By 2030, it is estimated this shortage will reach 60 Mt worldwide. Today, 70% of the protein consumed in Europe is imported, most of it being vegetable protein from soybean meal. The intensive farming of soy has a significant negative impact on the environment. The ability of insect larvae to convert low-value biomass proteins into high-quality animal protein is emerging as a viable and sustainable solution to help address tomorrow's food related challenges.


Feed for farmed fish contains protein from wild fish meal. 40% of the wild fish captured worldwide is transformed into meal and used as feed for aquaculture. The high demand for feed calls for intensive fishing which threatens wild fish stocks and has an irreversible negative impact on the environment. Limited wild fish stocks will ultimately fail to to meet the needs of a growing aquaculture sector. Using insect meal as a source of protein in aquaculture is environmentally virtuous because it reduces the pressure on wild fish stocks while also using by-products and agricultural waste as a valuable substrate for the insects to grow in.

Healthier Feed, Healthier Food

Insects are part of the natural diet of most fish species farmed in Europe and have excellent nutritional qualities as fish feed. Therefore, a feed formulation that contains insect protein is closer to a natural diet and produces healthier fish. Being naturally more nutritious for farmed fish, insect meal reduces the need for potentially harmful supplements such as food colouring or antibiotics. Thus, the use of insect meal positively impacts both the health of fish and the health of end consumers.

Innovation for sustainable protein

Our ambition is to offer a high-quality, natural, sustainable and competitive solution for the feed industry to face tomorrow’s demand challenge. InnovaFeed has developed technologies and process enabling the production of high quality insect meal at industrial scale and competitive costs.

A competitive circular business model

InnovaFeed is part of a short loop economic sector. We locally produce a high-quality protein that meets the needs of the most dynamic animal feed segments while using agricultural by-products that are widely available in France. InnovaFeed’s breeding technology is based on an optimized zootechnical model that ensures profitability.

An R&D center located in the leading French cluster for biotechnology research

InnovaFeed’s R&D team is located on the Genopole site in Evry, 30 km south of Paris. As the leading European biocluster, the Genopole fosters innovation and collaboration between private and public research programmes. Sponsored by Inserm, CEA, CNRS and INRA the Genopole research campus brings together entrepreneurs and researchers specialised in genetics, genomics and related sciences. Being located in the heart of the Genopole site, our R&D team has access to cutting-edge technologies and has the opportunity to collaborate with world renowned scientists and experts.

The largest production capacity in the field

Through its production plant located in Gouzeaucourt in the North of France, InnovaFeed has the largest insect meal production capacity in Europe. The production plant is located in the agricultural area of Cambresis, the region that generates the most agricultural by-products in the country. Our insect rearing and production process uses these by-products locally and is waste-free. Our energy efficiency is optimized by using high-performing machines and equipment, by choosing building materials that ensure thermal insulation and by implementing an energy recovery system.

Political and financial support

Innovafeed’s vision is shared by many actors and policy makers including the Ministry of Ecology, the Ministry of the Environment and the President’s Office. Our model is strongly supported by renowned entrepreneurs and investment funds specialized in biotechnology innovation. Several public and private financial institutions, at both French and European level, support InnovaFeed through grants and funding for research and innovation.


InnovaFeed produces and markets meal and oil extracted from the Hermetia Illucens larva, as well as organic amendment made with insect droppings.


In the wild, insects are a source of protein for many species of fish including salmons, trouts or sturgeons. InnovaFeed’s meal contains high-quality protein from insects, providing farmed fish a feed that is closer to their natural diet. This meal is highly digestible and its amino-acid profile perfectly meets the nutritional needs of farmed fish. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the wild fish meal currently used in aquaculture. Unlike some meal formulations currently on the market, InnovaFeed’s meal does not contain any anti-nutritional factors. Our insects are reared in France and are fed exclusively with local cereal by-products that are 100% plant-based, traceable and GMP certified. Therefore, our model does not put pressure on resources and does not compete with food production for human consumption.


We produce a high-quality natural oil from our insects that is rich in lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties. Our oil can be an alternative to palm oil and coconut oil, which both have a significant negative impact on the environment. It can be given to monogastric animals whose digestive tract is sensitive to bacterial infections, for example during the weaning phase of piglets. This practice can reduce the need for antibiotics. Thanks to its lipid profile rich in saturated fatty acids, our oil is very well metabolised and perfectly adapted to poultry and gibiers and to some pets. The traceability system put in place by InnovaFeed ensures the absence of undesirable substances such as heavy metals, pesticides or dioxins. Our oil is mechanically extracted without using any solvent. With a melting point at 40 ° C, the oil is solid at room temperature.


Once sanitised, insect droppings are an organic amendments with a high agronomic value. This product contains a high level of primary and secondary nutrients with a very efficient release of nitrogen. Rich in organic matter, it fosters the reactivation of the soil’s microbial life and adds stable organic matter.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain data sheets and the results of the performance tests carried out on our products.InnovaFeed production process is compliant with is HACCP regulations.


InnovaFeed team is made up of experienced, high-skilled and fully-dedicated professionals with complementary backgrounds (investment banker, agribusiness strategy consultant, biotech senior manager, supply chain expert). Each of us holds a functional position in the company as well as an operational, hands-on role in the process.
Aude Guo

Aude worked for 4 years at McKinsey & Company, focusing on industrial and operational issues. Previously she was involved with Safran as China Relation Manager.

Aude graduated from Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussés and Collège des Ingénieurs, MBA

Bastien Oggeri

After his debut in merger and acquisitions advisory within Rothschild & Cie and HSBC, Bastien joined Technofounders, the tech startups-studio, in which he co-founded 4 startups.

Bastien graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Clément Ray

Clement worked over 5 years at McKinsey & Company with a focus on agriculture sector and public development.

Clement graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and Columbia University (NY).

Guillaume Gras

Guillaume worked over 5 years at Sanofi, focusing on definition of value proposition in biotechnology. Previously, he worked on industrial scale-up process in biotechnology startups.

Guillaume graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and Queensland University.

A committed team

InnovaFeed unites 50 dedicated team members working in R&D, industrialisation et development in Paris and our production plant in Gouzeaucourt and Nesle in the North of France.

Our Strategic Committee includes Entrepreneurs, Top Executives and investment funds:

Impact Investment Fund

Finovam Gestion
Regional Investment Fund

Accuracy Partners

Emmanuel Butstraen
President of Novecare Solvay

Jean-Pierre Princen
Ex-CEO of Goëmar

Olivier Duha
Co-Founder of Webhelp

Matthieu Pélissié Du Rausas
President of Second Opinion


InnovaFeed has proved the robustness of its business model and has secured a number of partnerships for each step of its value chain: sourcing, research, industrial, commercial.