Our insect protein ProtiNova TM’s is highly digestible, with an amino acid profile adapted to the nutritional needs of fish. ProtiNova TM’s performance for farmed fish has been demonstrated by tests performed by reference research institutes and in commercial farming conditions. 


This product is a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources and mimics the natural diet of salmonids.  The environmental performance of the product was assessed through external life cycle assessments. They have demonstrated a double effect: a low carbon footprint and a positive impact on biodiversity.


A dedicated product specifically designed for pets, Protinno TM, is also available for dogs and cats.


Our SaniNovaTM insect oil is composed of high quality fatty acids with a high content of lauric acid (40%) known for its antimicrobial properties. This product is an natural feed supplement for young or adult animals whose digestive tract is sensitive to bacterial infections. 

Its performance for the nutrition of piglets and poultry has been demonstrated by trials carried out by leading research institutes and industrial feed manufacturers. 

This product is a sustainable alternative to palm or copra oil directly in the diet or in an MCT (medium chain triglycerids) mix. SaniNovaTM is a 100% natural ingredient produced in France without the use of additional natural resources and without impact on deforestation.


Our organic amendment FrassiNova TM is rich in primary and secondary nutriments. Produced from insect larvae droppings, FrassiNova TM is a natural solution to promote plant growth and improve the qualities of the soil for agriculture. This product complies with the criteria of NFU-44-051 denomination 3 and has been tested on différent types of planting (cereals, beets, market gardening).  


FrassiNova TM can be used in organic farming according to EC regulation 834/2007 and is referenced on the website In addition, this product is part of a circular management of agricultural land, as it can be used to fertilize the crops from which the raw materials are derived to feed insects.





InnovaFeed is certified by various labels to ensure the traceability and quality of its products as well as for its positive social and environmental impact.