Production sites


The Gouzeaucourt pilot site

Our Gouzeaucourt site, operational since October 2017, is located near Cambrai (North of France), within Europe’s largest agro-industrial hub. This production unit, which uses local agricultural co-products for insect breeding, enabled InnovaFeed to start commercializing its products and validate the efficiency of its industrial model for further deployment.

The Nesle site: an industrial symbiosis between InnovaFeed and Tereos

InnovaFeed’s next production unit will be located next to a starch facility in Nesle (North of France) owned by Tereos. By partnering with Tereos, InnovaFeed will secure quality 100% plant-based agricultural by-products as feed for breeding its insects, without generating any additional pressure on natural resources. By integrating their industrial processes, the two companies are also contributing to minimizing the impact on climate change. The operation of this unit will specifically enable the avoidance of 25,000 tons of CO2 per year.

These two sites validate InnovaFeed’s industrial model, that combines economic and environmental performance, to support the emergence of sustainable food systems.

The industrial model implemented in Nesle will be deployed at several sites in France and internationally over 2020-2022.



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Production sites

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