Our emblematic collaborations to set up  a new agro-industrial sector


Mr Goodfish, to raise awareness of sustainable fish consumption

Launched in March 2010, in France by NAUSICAA (Centre National de la Mer), in Italy by Acquario di Genova and in Spain by Aquarium Finisterrae, the European Mr.Goodfish program aims to raise public and professional awareness of sustainable consumption of seafood products. The program aims to make the public active in the preservation of marine resources by publishing, each season, a list of seafood products advised by marine resource specialists.

Since 2017, the Mr. Goodfish program has also been making recommendations regarding aquaculture products based on the sustainability of the feed used, farming practices and environmental impact.

Questions to Philippe Vallette, Managing Director of Nausicaá

How does Mr. Goodfish contribute to improving aquaculture practices?

Mr. Goodfish recommends sustainable seafood products to consumers when they are in stores or restaurants. Mr. Goodfish’s saying is good for the sea, good for you, because we recommend products that have a minimum impact on the marine environment, so as to preserve its full potential for future generations. This is why we have chosen 3 main criteria for aquaculture products:

Food: Fish are preferred if they are fed with sustainable food and a variety of protein sources;

Breeding practices: the selected species must be reared under optimal conditions of animal health and welfare;

Environmental impact: the species chosen must be reared in optimal conditions of respect for the environment (care products, pollution, etc.)

 For you, to what extent does InnovaFeed fit into this vision? 

InnovaFeed meets our first criterion for promoting quality food in aquaculture as insect meal replaces all or part of wild fishmeal, thereby reducing the impact on marine ecosystems.


Our emblematic collaborations to set up  a new agro-industrial sector

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